Apteka Aloe Physical Store

Here is a look at some of the details of the physical store. The process of choosing a location took about 6 months and a lot of work. I reviewed every location from our backlog of locations to count foot traffic, meet with landlords or their representatives, observe other factors such as other stores, ease of access, main foot traffic routes, as well as commuting options as our store is managed directly by my mother-in-law.

One of our main in store focuses were to create a comfortable and clean environment for our customers. Now, that sounds a bit obvious, but in Russia, it isn’t. On top of that, we wanted to provide the best possible customer service and extremely knowledgable pharmacists. With this approach, we were able to compete with 4-5 other small drugstores within a 5 minute walking distance. Our location is the Аптека Aloe, directly in the middle:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.53.03 PM

Our location is actually quite good considering the amount of foot traffic and parents with small children (our primary customers).

Here is the location without a store:


Here is the preliminary mock up of what I wanted our facade to look like:


Opening preparations:


Opening Day:



A view from the outside, at night:

011 copy

Some christmas decorations: