Booking Tool

The booking tool was a labs (innovation team) project where we did a rapid prototyping session from a workshop with clients. The idea is that if we could somehow gamify the booking process for travel agents, we could reduce our costs and our customers could see more revenue. Some of the features we added were socializing, reporting and ranking. As well as that, the base product, has a feature that allows agents to see multiple flight combinations within a “matrix-like” environment. Instead of just 10 or so flight combinations on one screen, now an agent would have access to potentially 1000’s.

Here is the base product with a slight redesign, as well as wires, sketches, and other deliverables:


Animated gif for promotional ad:


Wireframe + Sketch:


Reporting screens:

001-MAF_AgencyDashBoard_v1 copy copy 2

MAF_AgencyDashBoard_v3 copy copy MAF_AgentDashBoard_v2_present

Promotional site:



MAF_HP_HeroImg_Slide1 MAF_HP_HeroImg_Slide2 MAF_HP_HeroImg_Slide3