Flight Match (Designs)

Flight Match Designs went through at least 4 different rounds of iterations.

Later iteration, adopting more of the Travelport style:

iOS 6 GUI PSD (iPhone 5) 007_SearchResults_

Early iteration:

iOS 6 GUI PSD (iPhone 5)


One of the earliest iterations, which was presented to the Senior Leadership Team and provided us a path towards progressing on the prototype and pushing the project further. In this example, we highlighted the use of tools like Yelp and 4Square to make the adventure trip more interesting. During this brain dump, we realized the other revenue channels such as advertisements for cars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, zoos, day tours, ect. This discovery probably explains why the SLC was keen on us developing the idea further.

The concept here is called “Travel Ninja”.

FlightRatings_M_SR_exAdv_v1 FlightRatings_M_SR_exDetails_v2 FlightRatings_M_SR_v2 FlightRatings_W_SR_exDetails_ninja_v1-copy FlightRatings_W_SR_exMap_v1-2 FlightRatings_W_SR_exPopularExplanation_v1 FlightRatings_W_SR_exSlideShow_v1