Flight Match (Wireframes)

Flight Match began as a project called Flight Ratings, which through research, was proven to be irrelevant. The project really took off due to the nature of it: Returning unwanted search results and packaging them into desirable listings labeled “Adventure Trips”. These trips could have anywhere between 6-24 hour layovers and the passengers could have a quick stop off in a city along the way to their destination. This appealed mostly to millennials who could have an extra stop during their trip, at least in theory. It also appealed to our executives because it allowed us to sell trips that no one really wanted, and to have more segments in a trip, which is how Travelport makes money. (See Infographics for more on how Travelport makes money)

Below are some of the literally hundreds of wireframes we went through for this project.

Click here to see the design variants as well.

01_SearchResults_Grid_DateAnnotated_V1 01_SearchResults_Grid_Details_V1 FlightRatings_AdventureResults_02 copy FlightRatings_AdventureResults_03_2 copy flightratings2 flightratings3  sketches2-2 sketches2-3 wireFrames2-1 wireFrames3-2 wireFrames3-3