The HACK DAY’s were a result of the Idea Challenges, but not explicitly. Participants could take their ideas from the Idea Challenge to use in a Hack Day or they could come up with their own. The Labs (innovation team) role was to build prototypes of the winners from the the Idea Challenge and the Hack Day’s. We then presented our prototypes and research to the Sr Leadership for feedback and funding.

To organize this project across the globe, through all of our offices, was quite a challenge. We used email alerts, posters, Sharepoint and word of mouth to garnish participation. SLC made announcements to encourage participation from the top down as well as direct outreach from our Directors to other Directors to encourage participation.

The overall result was 4 hack days within a 1 year time span, which was a considerable achievement when considering we also did 4 Idea Challenges, plus other workshops and prototyping.

Not only was this a challenge due to the amount of involvement and work, it was also a challenge to get people who had been used to performing their job the same way for over 25 years, in a lot of cases. It turns out, that the travel industry changes very little as far as the back end of operations is concerned, and change is not only difficult, but in some cases very expensive. After much effort we were able to convince key players that we were on the right track.

My role in these projects was to help organize and socialize our activities, collaborate with our IxD’s, Director, PM as well as other team members participating. I was responsible for all visual deliverables as well.

Here is a look at some of those deliverables and the process:

006-rocket1 007-rocket2

Sharepoint and Email Graphics

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