Home Depot Test

The exercise was a collaborative session with 2 team members and me, as well as an observer. The goal was to discuss ideas around a customizable apron builder for the retail associates to create their own apron designs as a morale booster type of initiative (most likely a dummy scenario). The in person part of the exercise included two personas: 1) A developer and 2) A floor associate (the Home Depot team did not anticipate having that persona in the exercise, but I suggested it and they adopted it)

The result of the exercise is two part, 1) The What? and 2) The How? The What portion of the exercise shows the entire potential of the application and The How shows a more How It Will Look vs a How it Will Work perspective.

The result of this exercise landed me the position at Home Depot, however the culture wasn’t a good match.

Download PDF Here: Home Depot Test

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