Idea Challenge

The Idea Challenge is very similar to the HACK DAY’s in the sense that we were looking for ways of improving processes and products inside of Travelport. It differs in the method of presenting, where in the Idea Challenge the participants simply posted ideas into the Spigit tool and the community commented, voted on, and bubbled up ideas. The tool itself went through 2-3 versions and the promotion of the tool was quite extensive. We performed 4 Idea Challenges within a year and the logistics of the project were difficult considering the time needed to engage a global audience who was a times dismissive. After pushing the concept and showing results to the Sr Leadership, the project started to gain traction with the leadership and other key stakeholders. In particular, we had a lot of involvement from the product team who saw these challenges as a great way to gather ideas for product development.

Here is the process that the Product team wanted to use in order to collect ideas from our tool. Further below, you will see the wires for this process as well as a basic design for the tool:


Logo Sketches:


Final Logo:




First (and only) infographic from Idea Challenge:


Third Idea Challenge. This one was particularly interesting because we had such little active involvement I had to host brainstorming workshops in order to gather ideas from our colleagues. The Profiles challenge also produced some of the most interesting work, such as VTNG:


Photos from brainstorming workshops:

image-0 image-1 image-2 image-3

Based off of these workshops I was requested to put together a presentation on brainstorming sessions in general: BrainstormingHowTo

Certificates for participants:


Final Version:





Innovation Community (from Idea Challenges)

CustomerCommunity_v2 004-5 004-10 004-6