Web/ App Design: Design System; Primerica (click image for larger view)

A sample of a major, year long initiative: build a reusable library for designers, QA and dev to leverage to create a consistent experience.

I was responsible for leading the design system from start to finish. The team contributed highly into this effort as well.


Responsive Design: UI Kit, CareerBuilder; CB UX Team (click image for larger view)

The goal here is to create a single file where designers can reuse designed components and elements for easier adherence to the CB Style guide. NOTE: this version is still in progress and will include further UI Elements such as Iconography, Actions, and Data Visualization. Some of the design work was already done by previous designers, however most was created and compiled in this document by me.

Responsive Design: Home Page, Career Builder UX Team

Simple redesign of an upload resume button increased resume uploads [key metric] for

This simple redesign resulted in a ~25% increase in resumes added.

Responsive Design: Explore Careers Page, CareerBuilder

2 week sprint for development 2 weeks for design and testing. Initial concept tested really well with users, but the dev time was too short to allow for all features to be implemented.

Initial Concept above and what was developed below: SEE MORE HERE


Responsive Design: Productivity Dashboard, Innovation Team
001-MAF_AgencyDashBoard_v1 copy copy 2

This was based off of some research and used on a third party, non Travelport branded site to gauge interest in the potential product. SEE MORE HERE.

Responsive Design: Flight Search Matrix, Travelport Innovation Team

This is a product that was redesigned with an updated interface and new features, that includes the new reporting options as shown above.

Responsive Design/ Art Direction: Corex Website; Corex-Logistics
corex_main (3)

For this project I came in about 1/3 of the way completed. The business developer had already begun the project but there were some issues with the nuances of the designs, so I began to give art direction on how to pull everything together. The business developer still owned the product so there were some things that I was unable to convince him to remove: animated logos and blurb, plus the profile cards. But in the end, we came up with nice looking site.

SEE MORE HERE or visit the site here:

Responsive Design: Design Competition,
004-Auto_3 copy

This was a piece of my entry for the competition for the chance to work at; It won. SEE MORE HERE.

Responsive Design: Design Competition, Better Cloud

This is another web design entry for a smaller company, Better Cloud. This design was also selected and I was offered the chance to work for them, however I was already employed at SEE MORE HERE

Web Design: Quick Design, Travelport Innovation Team


These 2 comps were done in a couple of hours for a late presentation from one of our subcontractors. He needed something simple and clean for his presentation to the Sr Management staff.

Web Design: Email Templates,WMS, Corex Logistics

These are basic notification emails that a client would receive based on a status update within the system. SEE MORE HERE.

App Design: View Trip Next Gen, Prototype App, Travelport


Print Design: Now Hireing; Apteka Aloe 
Print Design: Holiday Gift Cards; Apteka Aloe 

Print Design: Poster, Travelport Innovation Team 

Global in-office promotion for a hack day: Day where teams compete to build prototypes of their ideas to help improve company operations. We had 4 hack days in a 1 year period. SEE MORE HERE.

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