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“What’s New” Concepts for Primerica (click image for larger view)
"What's New" Concepts for Primerica
Early options for a guided tour, internally labeled “What’s New”. The goal was to provide users with an in context informational tour of new features and functionality within the app.

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Create Custom Report; Primerica (click images for larger view)
Create Custom Report for Primerica:
A second phase improvement to a report for the sales force.

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Upload Contacts, Schedule/View/ Edit Appointments; Primerica (click image for larger view)
Import Contacts, Schedule Appointment; Primerica

The goal was to provide an easy way for the sales force to upload and qualify their contacts within our application, as well as to manage appointments in a visual manner, through a map view. This concept seemed to be strong, however, it tested poorly.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 5.48.42 PM

Concept for Gig Economy App; Gigya (click image for larger view)

A personal project to help people find labor quickly and cheaply, similar to Handy or AngiesList. The project died due to the size of the competitors.

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New Rep View; Primerica (click image for larger view)

The concept was to show a tailored view of the app to new sales reps with focus on the key objects that a new rep needs to achieve. By doing this, the number of new reps who grow within the company would ideally increase.

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Small Feature (add a note); Primerica (click image for larger view)


Small enhancement to a report for the user to add a note. This feature was not highly adopted.

Original “Work The List” Wires, Primerica (click image for larger view)

This concept was for sales reps who have a large number of new recruits to manage. They could bulk email or text people for faster communication as well has have insight into who is performing and who is not.
One major challenge was the this feature, which should have been its own application, was buried deep within the massive Primerica app, which meant most users never found it.

Touch ID Wires; Primerica (click image for larger view)

Touch ID authentication for Primerica. We rolled this feature out to Android as well, but the patterns were the same for both iOS and Android.

The following concepts are very high level; their purpose was to be able to communicate opportunities within the customer journey (SEE MAP) in order to define areas in which to test for q3 with users for further validation. The concepts are tied directly to users pain points (SEE REPORT) and were then presented in an overview presentation to stakeholders. (REQUEST ACCESS)

16-06-24_MMSMJ_v01a   16-07-11_AvgSalary_v01a

ASSOCIATE APRON BUILDER: Home Depot Enterprise UX Team (This was a design challenge used to test my abilities in the UX. I created these wires as a two piece presentation showing the application flow and the screens to show a low/ medium fidelity look and feel as well as potential interaction options) SEE MORE HERE.


CHECK OUT PROCESS: Apteka Aloe (These wires are being used to write final requirements, translate and get developer time estimates. There are 3 APIs that will be integrated with this process: Russian Courier API, Payment Gateway API, and a shipping calculator API. The wires are currently in both Russian and English to help me design the right experience and get the right content. Implementation will be in Russian, however.)

Click PDF for better viewing CheckoutProcess4

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FLIGHT MATCH WIREFRAME STYLE, Travelport Innovation Team (This was used to depict a specific style unique to our innovation team, based off of a typical trendy designed wireframe. This approach didn’t take off because most of our interaction designers dont have the background in photoshop or illustrator, however we were able to take a greyed out version of this style to use for the building of prototype) SEE MORE HERE.


ACTIVITY LOG FOR CLINICAL TRIAL LOGISTICS, Corex Logistics (This is a screen from the very complicated financial model prototype and wireframes. This shows all budgeted activities based off of a service agreement and the number of unitis performed during a given time frame, units left, the ability to attach receipts, approve, reject as well as other important functionality) SEE MORE HERE


CAUTIOUS CAR BUYER, Autotrader.com (This is a part of a 4 persona type that shop for cars online. We experimented with the option to tailor our experiences for each persona type in order to encourage more conversions. The cautious persona has more imagery as well as fundamental information to help any car buyer, thereby easing the ability to make a decision. Wire frames are annotated for more clarity) SEE MORE HERE.



REPORTS MODULE FOR WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, Corex Logistics (This section was used to gather all requirements needed for reporting within the WMS and to test with users and stakeholders) SEE MORE HERE.


SPONSOR PORTAL HOME SCREEN, Corex Logistics (This screen was modified after several user tests to find out what the most valuable information for a sponsor would be. SEE PROTOTYPE HERE.






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