View Trip

This project was a massive one that had been going on for years at Travelport. The original product, View Trip was being redone by the UX team and the Innovation team was looking for ways of expanding the product offerings, and then was named View Trip Next Gen (VTNG). One of the Idea Challenges brought up such an opportunity, with a Trip Timeline. The goal of this was to make the trip experience easier with VTNG as well as collect profile data around travelers.

Here are several deliverables that were created during this process. One of the most notable was a prototyping “style guide” lead by me and our lead developer that would pull data from Git Hub in order to make the prototyping process seamless. As well as that, we discovered that having a polished design for prototyping was a waste of time and could be confusing to the people we presented it to. We had a brief brainstorm and created this style for our prototypes.

The greyed out look and feel lends itself to a prototype better than a full color design. There is still in-depth styling needed but once a baseline has been established and hosted on GitHub, they can be reused easily.




After a lot of back and forth, we realized that this tool would need to switch platforms from VTNG to Universal Profile, hence the styling change.


Measured out in px for development team.


Trip list:


Travel arrangers that traveler is “connected” with.



Invitation Screen:


Trip Details:


Wait screen:


Add options such as breakfast, extra luggage, or other amenities. This is a big part of the tool since Travelport gets a commission on all airline up-sells.

jl_vtng_m_03_Breakfast_v01cMenu options:


Trip timeline in blue wire:


Customer Journey Map Exercise to better understand needs of traveler:


Connection Screen: